Model 45 series Positioners

The 45-9 is the most popular of this extensive line of positioners. It has precise 3-axis control with off-set adjustments calibrated to 0.001" (0.05 mm in metric model) and rotational to 0.25. Rotation range about the search tube axis is 90. Bulletin 453 gives details about this unit and the companion 45-8.

Bulletins 450 and 45-4M describe simpler models with "camera pan and tilt-head" type controls.

Model 140 series Miniature Manipulators

These small manipulators mount on the end of a standard 3/4" search tube and its bottom connector receives a standard UHF threaded transducer case. Each manipulator provides a 54 angulation in one plane only. When the search tube is supported in a positioner such as a Model 45-9, or a Follower such as a Model 444, this angulation is sufficient for detection of defects of almost any orientation. If another rotation axis is desired these units may be connected in series with 90 rotation between them.

Bulletin 1400 and Newsletters 16 and 17 have more information on these rugged, versatile units.

Model 411 series Dual Probe Followers

These followers mount on any standard TACTIC Tester tank. They ride the material on angulated wheels or balls and are under air pressure to ensure good following action on crooked material even at high rotational speeds.

Precise control of the orientation of each transducer is achieved by rugged, lockable calibrated controls. Normal beam, circumferential or axial scanning may be performed with these units..

See Bulletin 4110 for full details.

Also Click here for more information aboutTACTIC Model 444 and 446 Multi-Probe Followers for use in large immersion tanks.

Testers and Idler Sections to Feed, Rotate and Test Rounds

Testers and Idler Sections to Feed and Test Flat-Sided Material

"Tankless" Flow Coupled Testers for Round and Flats

Transducer Positioners, Manipulators and Followers

Multi-Probe Followers for Large Immersion Tanks

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