Model 77EX series "Standard Duty" Testers with "Straight-through" Feed

These testers are used for inspecting squares, rectangles, hexagons and strip. They utilize horizontal support rollers, vertical positioning rollers and fixed or "following" transducer positioners.


Max. material Size : 3 1/2"" (90mm)
Throughput Rate: to 60 ft/min.
  (18 M/min.)
Motor: 3 HP, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz

Request Bulletin 770 for more information on the Model 77 series Testers and system components, as described below, for fast, accurate flaw detection in flat material.

Hex Bar in Model 77 tank with Model 473R Follower & Model 280 Roller Support

Model 219B Belt-driven Loader

This loader consists of a series of arms on which pieces to be inspected are placed. Each arm has a motor-driven belt to feed material to the lifting arms for placement on the input conveyor. A single handwheel adjusts all arms to accommodate piece widths.

Model 191B Belt-fed Sorter

This modular, multi-station sorter has a reject bin next to the output idler section. When a piece is to be rejected "gates" rise and the piece is routed to the reject bin. Good pieces are conveyed over the gates on motorized belts which carry the piece to the accept bin.

Testers and Idler Sections to Feed, Rotate and Test Rounds

Testers and Idler Sections to Feed and Test Flat-Sided Material

"Tankless" Flow Coupled Testers for Round and Flats

Transducer Positioners, Manipulators and Followers

Multi-Probe Followers for Large Immersion Tanks

Material Handling Accessories for Installation on Idler Sections

Instrument Interfaces and Defect Markers

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