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Tactic Testers and Accessories

Testers and Idler Sections to Feed, Rotate and Test Rounds

"Standard Duty" Model 76E series Testers &
  Model 600 Series Idler (Conveyor) Sections
"Heavy Duty" Model 76F & G Testers &
  Model 600H series Idler (Conveyor) Sections
"AUTO-TAC" Computer Control of TACTIC Testers

Testers and Idler Sections to Feed and Test
Flat-Sided Material

Model 77 series Testers &
Model 700 series Idler (Conveyor) Sections

"Tankless" Flow Coupled Testers for Rounds and Flats

Model 57L series Testers for Linearly Fed Flats and Rounds
Model 57B series Testers for Rotationally Fed Tubes and Bars
Model 55 series "On-Mill" Tester for Tube Welds

Transducer Positioners, Manipulators and Followers

Model 45 series Positioners
Model 140 series Miniature Manipulators
Model 411 series Dual Probe Followers

Multi-Probe Followers for Large Immersion Tanks

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