Model 55 series "On-Mill" Testers for Tube Welds

Combining the convenience of the contact method with the accurate beam control of an immersion test, TACTIC Model 55 Weld Scanners provide the optimum means for ultrasonic "on-mill" inspection of longitudinally welded pipe and tubing. They may also be used for "off-mill" testing of the weld zones in cut lengths if means are provided to keep the weld on top or bottom, while the tube is fed through the tester.

Focused transducers in patented coupling "shoes" examine the weld line from both sides. The shoes are adjustably mounted on a plate which rides on the tube on rollers under air pressure to maintain good coupling. Contoured face plates, spaced from the tube surface, are employed to minimize water loss and to prevent splashing and turbulence that could produce false indications. Coupling water fills the shoes from a filtered and recirculated supply.

Model 55 Scanners are offered in several configurations that cover the diameter range from 1/2 to 24 inches (13-610 mm). Request Bulletin 550 for more information.

Model 57B series "Tankless" Flow-Coupled Testers for Rotating Rounds

These testers employ pneumatically raised transducer coupling shoes in one or more dual probe carriers that contact rotating material from underneath. Doubly pivoted carriers provide "following" action to maintain good coupling and transducer alignment in spite of material centerline displacements. Their design permits precise probe spacing to enable "interlaced" scanning to be used to increase inspection speed. Contact with the material is by means of TACTIC Model 900 Recirculating Ball Transfers. Contoured, non-contacting faceplates minimize loss and splashing of the recirculated coupling water. Air "blow-offs" keep couplant water off external conveyors. Bulletin 570 presents more details.

Typical Specifications

Diameter Range; 2-1/2 to 7 inches (63-180 mm).
Displacement Following Range:? 1/2 inch (13 mm) 
Tests: Normal beam & 2-direction circumferential.

Model 57L series "Tankless" Testers for Linearly Fed Material

This series of testers for linearly translated, flat-sided or round material utilizes a new "glanded" version of our famous "flow-coupler" transducer shoes.  These are mounted in pairs in an air-actuated, photo sensor-controlled, "follower"  to insure good coupling and beam orientation in spite of minor changes in test material position as it passes through the test station.  The testers can be supplied with one, two, three or more pairs of transducers, each pair in its individual follower

The standard range of material sizes that these testers are designed to handle is 2-1/2 to 7 inches (63-178 mm).  They include a self-contained drip-tank with a pump and filter for couplant recirculation.

Translation of material through the tester is provided by separate handling equipment.  This may be user-supplied or TACTIC designed.

One of the primary uses of this tester is for normal beam (longitudinal wave) detection of internal defects in billets, as shown in the photos below.

Close-up of transducer coupling shoes in a follower in a Model 57L-2 Tester as a billet enters the test station.
Model 57L-2 Tester with a 5 inch (127mm) steel billet

Testers and Idler Sections to Feed, Rotate and Test Rounds

Testers and Idler Sections to Feed and Test Flat-Sided Material

"Tankless" Flow Coupled Testers for Round and Flats

Transducer Positioners, Manipulators and Followers

Multi-Probe Followers for Large Immersion Tanks

Material Handling Accessories for Installation on Idler Sections

Instrument Interfaces and Defect Markers

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