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Tactic System Components

  Material Handling Accessories for Installation on Idler Sections

Model 219 series Loaders
Model 187/188 series Unloaders
Model 190 series Sorters
Model 204/205 series Extended Drive Units
Model 129/130 series Air-actuated "hold-Down" Wheels
Model 150 & 151 series Storage Rails

Instrument Interfaces and Defect Markers

Model 29A Alarm and Motor Control Center
Model 17 series Instrument and Interface Boxes
Model 18 Variable Repetition Rate Oscillator/Indicator
Model 1088 Test Parameter Monitor & Marker/Sorter Controller
Model 23 Sequential Event Memory
Model 20A Air-Actuated Felt Tip Pen Marker
Model 21 Series Ink Spray Systems
Model 1090 Data Logger
Model 26C Coded alarm Horn for Multi Channel Systems

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