TACTIC Model 444 (4-probe) and Model 446 (6-probe) Followers are used for the inspection of billets and large pipes and tubes in conventional immersion tanks.

These Followers use a combination of an air cylinder and an electric motor to lift and lower the scanner to facilitate adjustments and to permit rapid transit along the length of the tank.

Transducer Positioners and Scanner Support- Model 446
6-Probe Follower

Model 444 Follower complete

Both Models are intended to be mounted on the scanning bridge of a large immersion tank. Transducer offset and angulation controls are provided with extension shafts so that calibrated adjustments may be made above the water level while the follower is in contact with the material.

Both models use four TACTIC Model 900 Recirculating Ball Transfers to contact the inspected material. These are attached to the appropriate tapped mounting holes in the bottom plates to suit the range of material sizes to be inspected.

Request Newsletters 13 & 16 for more details on these Multi-Probe Followers.

Model 900 Ball Transfer

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