Model 219K Extra Heavy Duty Loader

Model 219 series Loaders
These loaders consist of multiple stations of forward-sloping, plastic covered storage arms with coordinated adjustable end stops to set them for the material diameter to be loaded. Air or hydraulic cylinders raise lifting arms which allow one piece to roll onto the input conveyor while holding back the rest of the pieces. Operation may be initiated by pushbutton operation or automatically (with optional Model 86 Controller).
The loaders come in "Standard Duty" (219), "Heavy Duty" (219H) and "Extra Heavy Duty" (219K) models for pieces of 40, 55, & 100 lbs/ft (60, 80 & 150 Kg/M) respectively.

Model 187/188 series Unloaders
TACTIC Unloaders consist of a series of arms raised by air or hydraulic cylinders to raise an inspected piece from the output Idler Section and let it roll onto Model 150 Output Storage Rails or a Model 190 series Sorting Rack. The piece weight ratings in lbs/ft. for the various unloader models are: Model 187; Model 188; & Model 188L (Hydraulic) 40, 55, & 100 lbs/ft (60, 80 and 150 kg/M respectively).

Model 187 Unloader in Mid-Cycle on "Standard Duty"
Idler Section and Model 191 5-Station Sorter

Model 190 series Sorting Racks have one "accept" bin and either one "reject" bin (191 series) or two "reject" bins (192) series. They are available for piece weights up to: 11 lbs/ft (191/192); 55 lbs/ft (191H/192H) & 100 lbs/ft (191K/192K)(corresponding to 16, 80, & 150 Kg/M). Ask for Bulletin 1000 for more information.
Diversion of unloaded material into accept or reject bins may be done by manual push-button operation, or automatically through the use of a
Model 1088 Marker/Sorter Controller (click on link or ask for Bulletin 1080).

Model 150 Series Storage Rails are available for use adjacent to output Idler Sections. Model 151 series Storage Rails, with guide "ramps" for manual loading, are for use adjacent to Input Idler Sections. These come in various load-carrying abilities and storage lengths. Consult us about your needs.

Model 204 and 205 series Air-actuated "Extended" Drive Units are overhead drive wheels, exactly the same as those used on TACTIC Model 76 series Testers, except they are located along the lengths of the first input and output Idler Sections. They are powered from the Tester drive motor and help move heavy or crooked material, or to prevent undue vibration of light tubes or bars. Unpowered, but air-actuated Model 129/130 "Hold-Down" Wheels are also available for the latter function and may be located anywhere along multiple Idler Sections. Bulletins 201 and 1000 give more details on both of these units.

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