The Model 23B Sequential Event Memory is a single channel shift-register alarm delay device useful for marking or sorting defects in moving material some time after their detection. The memory may be "clocked" from a pulse generator tied to the conveyor drive. This makes marking accuracy independent of changes in drive speed. Bulletin 203 describes some uses.

The Model 20B Air-actuated Felt-tip Pen Marker affords a simple and economical way to mark defect locations on moving material. A conventional felt-tip marker pen is modified to enable it to be driven by a small air cylinder onto the part to be marked. It is then retracted into a housing to prevent drying out of the tip. See Newsletter 12 for more data.

Model 21 Ink-spray Markers are mounted on output conveyors (Idler Sections) to mark the locations of defects that were detected earlier as the material passed through the inspection tank. They use fast drying, non-pigmented ink. An alcohol solvent reservoir is provided to simplify purging and cleaning of guns and lines.

Special interface devices such as this Model 14D Coded Alarm Horn are developed to meet unique system needs.

TACTIC's Model 1090A Data Logger is an industrial grade PC operated in conjunction with a Model 1080 and a multi-channel flaw detector to create displays and print-outs of test results including numbers of pieces tested, accepted and rejected, lengths and locations of defects and much more.

The Model 1090A Instruction Manual is available with a complete description.