The TACTIC Model 108 Test Parameter Indicator calculates and displays feed rate and correct settings for conveyor parameters such as drive, idler, and support pedestal wheel angles when material diameter and desired scan index, or "pitch" are entered on the keypad for a menu-selected device to be adjusted. Infrared sensors measure throughput rate and enable digital display and limit alarms for linear and surface velocities and scan pitch.

The Model 1088 Test Parameter Indicator & Marker/Sorter Controller (shown above) provides all Model 108 functions plus computer-controlled delayed alarms to operate "down stream" defect marking or sorting devices. Adjustable "dead zones" are included to prevent false operation from signals due to piece ends passing the transducers. See Bulletin 1080.

The Model 29A Alarm and Motor Control Center, mounted on the front of almost all TACTIC Testers, includes variable speed drive motor control with the important "STOP ON DEFECT" and variable alarm horn functions. It also provides scan direction outputs to prevent misoperation of a strip-chart recorder or a TACTIC Model 1088 Indicator/Controller during drive direction reversals. See Bulletin 760B.

Model 17 series Instrument Interface Boxes accept alarm and analog outputs from up to 6 instruments and provide means for combining outputs from selected channels to any of several alarm or recording devices. When analog outputs are combined on one recorder channel the highest signal is recorded instead of the sum of the amplitudes. Thus "noise" and sub-reject level signals do not add to create false level indications. See Newsletter No. 10.

The Model 18 Variable Repetition Rate Oscillator is a TACTIC addition to a conventional function generator to create a two-phase train of shaped pulses capable of synchronizing the repetition rates of a group of flaw detection instruments. This prevents spurious signals due to "crosstalk" between transducers in the same tank- especially when two must be aimed toward each other, as with interlaced scanning. See Newsletter No. 15 for details.

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